Marc Joseph Maxfield (better known as Mpulse), born January 14th, 1992, is a Chicago rapper. He started writing at the age of 9, and was already recording by the age of 10. Through the ups and downs, friends, girls, etc. experiencing things every teenager experiences, Music helped him get through it all. From little to small, he incorporated every aspect of his life into his music, and still does. He released his debut mixtape “I’m NeXT” hosted by the very popular/legendary Dj Don Cannon who is best known for his mixtapes along side Dj Drama in the Gangsta Grillz series. Mpulse has also worked with a range of popular producer’s such as Chuck Inglish, araabMUZIK, Lex Luger, Young Chop, Metro Boomin, and the list goes on.

Marc was raised in the South Suburbs of the windy city, in a neighborhood called Park Forest. Suburbs are known for being more “toned down” than city areas, and they usually are, with Chicago as an exception. Park Forest is no where near as bad as some parts of Chicago’s inner-city, but its no regular suburb, as most of Chicago’s south suburbs are not. Coming up around the type of people the city brings up, and the type of surroundings the city is known for, Marc looked to Music as his scapegoat. A lot of his friends were in the streets, into drugs, into violence, and into crimes they felt were necessary to progress them through unfortunate circumstances. With all of that going on around him, his music kept his participation in those acts to a minimum, though he has made his fair share of mistakes. He kept to himself a lot of his younger years, until around his freshman year in high school, when he dropped his first home-recorded mixtape. At the time, he was getting alot of good feedback and even some of his fan base today originates from that home-recorded mixtape which gave him an appropriate buzz around his over-populated school.

As his High-School years progressed, so did his music and subject matter. From making songs about girls he liked, to making songs about other local rappers he didn’t like, either way his growth was obvious. He never really took school serious, was often in trouble, and struggled to pass. By his senior year, he had access to a studio where he immediately started working on what was soon-to-be his debut mixtape, “I’m NeXT”. He met alot of people through his sister, Austin, who worked at a popular Chicago sneaker boutique. As most celebrities whom are into fashion do when they visit Chicago, Don Cannon and his entourage (which includes his cousin, who is also a producer by the name of Keef Boyd) visited the boutique Austin worked at to shop for sneakers and clothes. She ended up linking with Keef Boyd, who went on to produce the entire “Sofa Gun” and “Sofa Gun: The Sequel” project’s for Mpulse.

After exchanging contact information with Keef Boyd, he sent her a few beats when he found out her brother was an aspiring rapper, as he is an aspiring producer. It was the first time Keef Boyd heard Mpulse and was amazed. After emphasizing how impressed he was with Mpulse and his overall sound, he passed the music along to Don Cannon. Cannon was also impressed and expressed interest in the young Chicago emcee. Being over-whelmed with the admiration from the 2 producers, he went on to record to more Keef Boyd tracks. By this time Mpulse had made his sister, Austin, his manager.

Keef Boyd set up a date for Mpulse, Austin, and fellow friend/artist Clark Airlines to fly down to Atlanta to meet with the 2 producers. Being only 17 at the time, Don Cannon didn’t know how young Mpulse really was. Mpulse spent his 18th birthday in Atlanta with Keef and Cannon. He received beats from Cannon and immediately recorded 2 songs that made the cut for his debut mix tape. After meeting, becoming acquainted, and working with Mpulse, Don Cannon agreed to host the much-worked-on effort Mpulse has been recording, “I’m NeXT”.

Since then, Mpulse, Keef Boyd, and Don Cannon have also released “Sofa Gun: The Sequel”, a project entirely produced by Keef Boyd and hosted by Don Cannon. Mpulse is working on his first album, and plans on releasing it for free via various music blogs.

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