Mpulse Returns With “Quit Your Day Job” EP

Whats up everybody!

Last year I did the “52 Weeks” campaign where I released a song every week for the whole year. This year, I’m doing an EP every month, and today I released the second one of the year.

This EP is titled “Quit Your Day Job”, an ode to the dreamers who are too goal-orientated to be stuck in a cubicle, at a desk, or anywhere else.

New EP: Waiting For The Sequel EP by Mpulse

Fully produced by Keef Boyd for Cannon Music. These are all songs that didnt make my project “Sofa Gun: The Sequel” hosted by Don Cannon, which comes out this summer! I decided that I still wanted to release them, so I compiled this EP to hold people over until the mix tape! Mixed and Engineered by Mpulse.