New Album: Mpulse – Bulls vs Sixers

Whats up! “Bulls vs Sixers” is a concept album. It likens the journey of an up and coming basketball player looking to break out to a hungry rapper trying to achieve the same thing.

After working endlessly on it over the last year, we’re very excited to put this out, we feel this is a very complete piece of work. We’re hoping this can be the perfect introduction to the people who aren’t familiar with Mpulse.

Its 11 tracks and its fully produced by Keef Boyd.

Cover art by @PVTSO

Mpulse – Know You Bad (Prod. by Keef Boyd)

Another new one! If you can’t tell, I’m giving you guys records as often as I can! Consistency is key, right? I just love making music. Im gonna keep releasing as I make them, haha! This one is called “Know You Bad” produced by… You guessed it. Keefy G Boyd! Let me know how you like it!